Commercial Kitchen Flooring

Today’s health codes and ordinances are strict and demanding. Our Commercial kitchen flooring systems provide you with the antimicrobial and ease of maintenance for end of the night cleaning. See what we have to offer below.

Commercial Kitchen + Epoxy Cove Base

We can install thermalshock resistant, anti-microbial kitchen flooring systems for the commercial kitchen of your dreams.

 Available in 

  • urethane slurry system with sand broadcast and urethane slurry top coat with epoxy cove base.
  • Urethane Mortar System with grout coat and chemical resistant food grade top coat

Cove Base Options

  • 4″ Cove base in epoxy or urethane
  • 6″ Cove base in epoxy or urethane

Epoxy Cove Base Installation

Epoxy cove base is hand troweled engineered cove covering that will allow you to pressure wash and mop along walls without getting the edge of the wall and concrete to stay damp and humid. Over time not having a cove base will mean you will have an environment for mold and bacteria growth while also damaging the structure of the wall and concrete.

We can apply epoxy cove base in many heights but mostly it will be 4″ or 6″ height. 

The cove is feathered right into the floor so that when it is covered by urethane slurry or epoxy system, it will tuck seamlessly under it providing you with a waterproof system.

Cove base and mortar floor

Kitchen Urethane Flooring

The special characteristics of urethane cement slurry floors are that it can withstand high thermal shock resistance and impact resistance from heavy blows. If your concrete floor is really beat up and you want to level it and protect this is the way to go. 

Its brutal chemical , abrasive and thermal shock resitance sets this flooring system apart. 

Available in a smooth neat finish (flat finish), or with brodcast of quartz or flakes with top coat.


Kitchen Epoxy Flooring

For kitchen floors not equipped with high heat pressure washes and now low hanging flame broilers. These floors can withstand food grade products abrasion and also provide ample slip resistance and can be top coated with novolac for more heat and chemical resistance from oils, dyes and vinegar spills.

Single and Double Broadcast Floors: Concrete ground and cracks repaired. Followed by a coat of epoxy which is then covered in quartz. Floor is completed with epoxy coating of your choice. Double Quartz floors have 2 layers of epoxy and quartz prior to epoxy top coat.

100% Solids Epoxy Flooring: We grind the floor and repair all cracks. We then apply 1 to 2 high build coats of pigmented epoxy leaving you with a smooth and thick coating of epoxy which can protect the floor a long time depending on your traffic.

Urethane slurry system for commercial kitchen using AcryliCon

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