Industrial Flooring Systems

We install a variety of industrial flooring systems for every industry and application. See which system below is best for your business. We can also use our 30+ years of experience in industrial floors, to create a custom flooring system that meets your needs and budget.

Methyl Methacrylates (MMA) Industrial Flooring System

MMA flooring systems provide the greatest chemical and abrasion resistance. But most importantly they allow for very short shut down times. MMA floors can cure in as little as 1 hour and operations can proceed shortly after curing. Another feature of Methyl Methacrylates is that they do not require warm temperatures to cure, perfect for unheated warehouse situations and refrigerated rooms.

MMA flooring can be installed as pigmented solid color coatings or available in clear for more decorative MMA floors like flakes and decorative quartz. 

Installing these coatings require a well experienced team since pot life is short and staff must be firing on all cylinders. Fortunately for you; this is our specialty.

Cove base and mortar floor

Industrial Urethane Cement Floors

The special characteristics of urethane cement slurry floors are that it can withstand high thermal shock resistance and impact resistance from heavy blows. If your concrete floor is really beat up and you want to level it and protect this is the way to go. 

Its brutal chemical , abrasive and thermal shock resitance sets this flooring system apart. 

Available in a smooth neat finish (flat finish), or with brodcast of quartz or flakes with top coat.


Industrial 100% Solids Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy is the longest standing flooring material , proven over time to perform over and over.  Plus it’s affordable.

Epoxy comes pigmented in the color of choice and is special because of how thick it can be applied. We offer several epoxy systems for your specific needs.

Single and Double Broadcast Floors: Concrete ground and cracks repaired. Followed by a coat of epoxy which is then covered in quartz. Floor is completed with epoxy coating of your choice. Double Quartz floors have 2 layers of epoxy and quartz prior to epoxy top coat.

100% Solids Epoxy Flooring: We grind the floor and repair all cracks. We then apply 1 to 2 high build coats of pigmented epoxy leaving you with a smooth and thick coating of epoxy which can protect the floor a long time depending on your traffic.

All epoxy coatings are capable of withstanding forklift traffic and will protect your floors up to 5 years depending on thickness of system installed. Also each system can be top coated with urethane for increased scratch resistance or specialty coatings such as chemical resistant novolac epoxy.

Electrostatic Dissipating ESD Systems: We can install ESD systems which are special conductive coatings which are connected to a ground to protect your work environment from static electricity.

Ground points are placed every 1,000 sq. ft. and seamlessly connected via the ESD epoxy coating. Great for electronics labs or places with explosive compounds. 

Available in thin build or high build systems.

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Blue Hawk Industrial Coatings, LLC is  an epoxy flooring contractor in Pennsylvania specializing in industrial coatings as well as residential flooring projects. We service the entire PA Tri-State area and travel for larger work.


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