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We polish concrete projects of all size in the sorrounding Philadelphia , PA area. 

What's concrete polishing all about?

Polished concrete has become popular over the years because its functional, easy to clean, looks great and offers unmatched abrasion resistance.

Aside from the actual mechanical polishing of the concrete, these floors are densified with liquid chemicals which harden and densify the floor prior to polishing. This will physically make the existing concrete harder than before, more stain resistant and will make it shine better.

Once the concrete is mechanically polished, the small pores and voids in concrete are now so tight that it reflects light. This is important because it allows anything rolling over the polished concrete floor to move without damaging the floor. Higher gloss floors will provide the best wear and tear long term with proper maintenance. Other times a medium shine is usually more cost effective and durable for most applications. We always use stain resistant guards to seal the concrete, turning your concrete into a impregnable surface.

Choosing a polished concrete contractor with experience is crucial in deciding which processes to perform and which direction to take with your project.  We will make an assessment of your concrete floor and see if its a good candidate for a polished concrete finish.

Some floors are so badly pitted and porous that a process called “grouting” has to be performed. Steel troweling a resinous coating over the concrete to fill in these voids will give you a higher clarity and more dense floor. This means high abrasion resistance and a longer lasting floor. 

Is my concrete floor eligible for polishing?

Can any concrete floor be polished? Many will tell you yes, some will tell you no. The truth lies somewhere in between. Some times your floor is so soft that it will require a ton of special preparation called grouting to the surface. Basically increasing the density of the concrete by steel troweling urethane material into the floor, in addition to denisification process.

Some floors have been jack hammered and have holes everywhere. There are options that can match your concrete floor to blend in which will have an additional cost to the project. Prepping each hole properly, vacuuming and filling, color matching and grinding back down. There’s more affordable means to do this if you don’t care about the color of the patches. 

Some businesses or situations will require a polished concrete floor no matter what and you may have to spend the money to achieve a certain expectation, otherwise you may be better going with a epoxy coating or self leveling system.

Don’t hesitate to call us today and ask more questions about polished concrete floor.

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Blue Hawk Industrial Coatings, LLC is  an epoxy flooring contractor in Pennsylvania specializing in industrial coatings as well as residential flooring projects. We service the entire PA Tri-State area and travel for larger work.


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