Epoxy flooring services for residential and garage floors

We provide epoxy flooring and garage flooring for residential projects. We service Delco, Pennsylvania and surrounding Philadelphia regions.

Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Metallic epoxy flooring and specifically Marble Wrap system provides an absolutely stunning and unique look that is totally unique design everytime. This pearlescent type of epoxy gives each metallic pigment a two tone look and when combined with multiple colors the results can be quite attractive. Of course one can also opt to have a single metallic color for a more subtle and classy look as you can see pictured on the right.

Metallic epoxy floors can be top coated with a satin finish or high gloss top coat. They are water and spill proof and can be very scratch resistant. Easy to clean and will last the life of the house.


marble wrap epoxy system

Garage Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy Garage Flake Flooring: Concrete floor is ground to expose new layer, cracks are repaired. Polyaspartic pigmented base coat is installed and a color blend of flakes are broadcasted to rejection. We then scrape and vacuum all excess flakes and squeege a polyaspartic non yellowing chemical resistant top coat is applied.

Solid Colored Epoxy: Concrete floor is ground to expose new layer, cracks are treated. We then apply a primer to the floor and apply a 100% solids epoxy with the color of your choice. We then apply a chemical resistant, scratch resistant non yellowing top coat.

Metallic Epoxy Garage Flooring: Concrete is ground and cracks repaired. An optional vapor barrier is installed. Then a 100% solids epoxy base coat is installed. The metallic epoxy coating is installed and the process is completed with a polyurethane top coat in satin or high gloss.

Self Leveling Cement

Is your existing indoor concrete slab really beat up and ugly? Uneven and with cracks and sprawls everywhere? By applying a self leveling underlayment cement, you can have a brand new uniform smooth concrete slab. The final product can be left as is, sealed or decorated with stains and saw cuts for a decorative concrete floor you can be proud of.

Self leveling can also be used if you are planning on installing long cermic tiles so you don’t have uneven edges, or for VCT and carpet flooring.

Asbestos encapsulations: OSHA has approved encapsulation of VAT tiles and other forms of asbestos flooring materials. That means you can save money hiring us to simply vacuum and install the self leveler to your residential home.

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Blue Hawk Industrial Coatings, LLC is  an epoxy flooring contractor in Pennsylvania specializing in industrial coatings as well as residential flooring projects. We service the entire PA Tri-State area and travel for larger work.


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