Self Leveling Concrete

Self leveling concrete is used to create a new smooth and leveled concrete surface on your old existing slab. Self leveler can take a floor with many bird baths and holes and make it look noticeably flatter. It can be installed under VCT, carpet and ceramic tile or can be coated with epoxy and stained with dye. We provide our self leveling concrete services to the Pennsylvania and Jersey areas.

Underlayment Self Leveling

Self leveling is normally installed at 1/4″ for lightly damaged floors, for more extreme situations or special cases where a thicker floor is required structurally we normally install floors at 1/2″ to 1 inch thickness.

VCT tiles can usually be installed 16 to 24 hours after floor is cured. 

Polishable Concrete Overlays

If you are not please with the current condition of your concrete and want a more even look or a salt and pepper aggregate exposure for your polished concrete project, this is the way to go. Polishable overlays can be dyed to an even color, and even integrally pigmented.

These floors easily reach 12,000 psi compression strength and can cure very rapidly.


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Blue Hawk Industrial Coatings, LLC is  an epoxy flooring contractor in Pennsylvania specializing in industrial coatings as well as residential flooring projects. We service the entire PA Tri-State area and travel for larger work.


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