About us

A combined 40 years of on field experince

We've been laying durable flooring systems consistently for over 15 years

We have been working hands on in the field for over 15 years. We bring a high caliber of contracting excellence by being professional every step of the way. Everything is done by the book. The smallest details are obsessed over and key industry standards are applied to our flooring systems. Our mixing stations are clean and organized, our crew is professional, overly courteous and super friendly. 

15 years ago the Polishuck brothers decided it was time to form the master plan to “Floor The World” one floor at a time. And today they are installing super tough systems for large and medium sized industries

Floor The World
Floor The World

Industrial flooring Services Near Philadelphia, PA

Acrylicon Decor Systems

We are certified Acrylicon authorized installer in the Pennsylvania. They trust us and we trust their products just as much. These tough resinous systems are for the brutal site conditions some industries face. 

Industrial Epoxy Flooring

The deciding factors in choosing the right industrial flooring system are key to the functionality of the floors for years to come. Do you need chemical resistance, forklift traffic or esd system. We help you meet the desired outcome based on your absolute needs, budget and functionality to come to the right solutions for your specific needs.

Epoxy Cove Base and Urethane Slurry Kitchen Systems

Urethane slurry floors are the biggest thing to hit the restaurant industry since, well sliced bread. It takes a skilled hand to lay out a good looking cove base and even more skilled to lay out the urethane cement slurry. We have the experience and the urethane system has the performance to withstand harsh abuse commonly found in kitchens.  When done right, your kitchen will be waterproof, have ample grip and endure nightly cleans ups for years to come.

Areas We Serve

We proudly service the entire Philadelphia, PA. We will travel farther for larger projects.

  • Delaware County, Pennsylvania
  • Chester County, Pennsylvania
  • Secane, Pennsylvania
  • Northern Maryland
  • Philadelphia
  • We do serve New jersey surrounding areas as well

Our Location

Our offices are located in Secane, PA.

Blue Hawk Industrial Coatings, LLC is  an epoxy flooring contractor in Pennsylvania specializing in industrial coatings as well as residential flooring projects. We service the entire PA Tri-State area and travel for larger work.


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